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Ian is a trial attorney, whose practice is dedicated to advocating for clients in state and federal court, and on appeal. Ian is also available to assist other attorneys who are pursuing large civil rights or personal injury claims.

Ian has a reputation for his diligent preparation of cases, and aggressive prosecution to ensure that no stone is left unturned in the pursuit of justice for his clients.

Ian has litigated numerous multi-million dollar cases involving children, the disabled, and vulnerable adults who have suffered profound abuse, neglect or exploitation.  Ian has also litigated numerous multi-million dollar wrongful death and catastrophic personal injury cases.

Some of the areas in which Ian practices are detailed below.  Read more about results Ian has obtained for clients, here.

DSHS, DCYF & CPS Negligence; Government Negligence

We rely on government agencies to protect us from harm, and to provide services that are essential to the public health, safety and welfare. When people are harmed as a result of government negligence or misconduct, the harm can be catastrophic.

Pursuing claims against government entities involves a special set of rules, procedures and standards. Moreover, government agencies draw from an enormous pool of resources when defending against lawsuits. Ian understands what it takes to hold government agencies accountable for their actions and, more importantly, has a long track record of success. His goal is not just to secure justice for his clients, but to also affect positive change, ensuring that no one else has to suffer the same injuries.

Ian represents clients who have been harmed by the negligence of social workers, including cases against Child Protective Services, Adult Protective Services and the Developmental Disabilities Administration. In addition to seeking compensation for the harms endured by his clients, Ian works to bring about systemic changes to the policies and procedures at DSHS, DCYF and other state agencies responsible for the health, safety and welfare of our most vulnerable citizens.

Civil Rights Violations

Ian represents clients who seek to vindicate their civil and constitutional rights -- in the workplace, in public accommodations, in schools, and in their relationships with government agencies and officials. Ian has extensive experience in civil rights litigation involving claims brought on behalf of children, the disabled, and vulnerable adults who have been subjected to abuse or unlawful discrimination and/or harassment.

Ian's work focuses not only on compensation for the victims of these civil rights violations, but also on bringing about systemic change to the policies and practices of public schools, state hospitals, state agencies, and other governmental entities.

Elder Abuse & Neglect; Nursing Facility & Adult Family Home Negligence

Sadly, every year, thousands of seniors are abused, mistreated and neglected by those who are entrusted with their care, in skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, and adult family homes. Often, these facilities are are run for-profit by large, out-of-state corporations who callously view bedsores and over-medication of seniors as simply a cost of doing business. And, all too often, seniors are incapable of protecting themselves or at risk of harm if they speak out. It is tragic and unfathomable. It is important to retain an attorney who has experience representing senior citizens, and understands the nuances of the laws, regulations and standards applicable to nursing facilities and adult family homes.

Ian represents elderly and disabled clients who have been neglected, abused or financially exploited by those who have been entrusted with their care. Ian also represents clients who seek to hold the State of Washington accountable for properly licensing and monitoring nursing homes and adult family homes.

Abuse & Neglect

It is difficult to articulate the pain and suffering that stems from abuse, neglect, and exploitation perpetrated upon children, the disabled, and vulnerable adults. It is damage of the most senseless kind. Often, the perpetrator is a trusted adult or respected member of the community -- a caregiver, youth group leader, coach or church official. And, all too often, the warning signs were missed by those who had the power to stop the abuse, but failed to do so. The more egregious the injury, the more important it is to ensure that you retain an attorney who has experience representing vulnerable citizens and a proven history of success.

Ian's practice focuses on representing survivors of abuse, neglect and exploitation, confronting those who prey on the most vulnerable members of our society, and holding accountable the persons who turned a blind eye in their hour of need.

Wrongful Death & Catastrophic Personal Injury

While accidents happen, a serious accident will impact the rest of your life. When negligence or the careless acts of another cause an untimely death, the pain is intolerable. Sadly, catastrophic injury victims and the bereaved often have the most trouble securing justice, as they face an army of lawyers while simply trying to navigate the daily rigors of life.

Ian has represented numerous catastrophic injury victims, and the families of victims, who seek just compensation for their injuries and/or loss.

Daycare Negligence

Parents trust daycare providers to safeguard their children. It is a sacred trust. When your child ends up hurt (or worse), parents are often told that "nothing happened," and it is hard to get straight answers -- especially in an era where many profit daycare providers are run for-profit by out-of-state corporations. And, unlike in cases involving older children, teenagers and adults, your child may not be able to tell you how or why they were injured.

Potential cases involving injuries sustained at a daycare thus require experienced attorneys who are not only familiar with Washington's licensing and regulatory schemes regarding daycares, but who are also prepared to litigate against corporations who will use every trick in the book to deflect and dissemble, to keep their profit margins high.

Ian represents children, and the families of children, who have been neglected or abused in a daycare facility. Ian also represents clients who seek to hold the State of Washington accountable for properly licensing and monitoring daycare facilities.

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